Thursday, September 4, 2008


As much time as it seems we have spent testing and waiting, today we officially started our IVF cycle. The morning didn't start off on the best note, as DH and I had gone at it the night before and there was still a lot of tension between us. Honestly we both tossed and turned and slept horribly under all the stress of this darn thing. Dh's appointment was supposed to be at 8:30 this morning (had to provide another sample) and of course traffic had to be the worst I have ever seen it! We finally pulled up a little before nine, and of course the lab had already took the next patient. Luckily after putting me in near tears, the receptionist finally called him back, and as soon as they called him, they called me for my 9:30 appointment. This was for the baseline ultrasound, or CD3 ultrasound, just to make sure that all the hormone levels looked good, and to get a head count on possible follies coming up in the next two weeks. A little scare to start with, there were two huge cysts sitting there on my right ovary, so I had to have blood work done to see what was going on with them. So like I was saying, the morning didn't start off real well. The good news is they don't seem to be functional, which means we were able to proceed. They'll have to keep an eye on them regardless.

So after the quick look at the ovaries, and the sample was given, we got an opportunity to talk to Patti about my meds and to Aaron, who is the embryologist/Andrologists who will be handling our babies. We asked a ton of questions and I really felt better about the whole thing after meeting with him and having the assurance that someone competent is handling such a important matter. After we drove them mad with questions, we spent a little time in the business office signing the loan papers for a mere fifteen grand - such a small price to pay if this works...

Tonight I took the Lupron like before, and I started the Follistim at 150 iu and 2 vials of Repronex. The Follistim gave me an immediate headache that only two extra strength Tylenol helped, and I ran into a bit of a problem with the Repronex. When I went to mix the vials, I realized they hadn't sent me the needles! They sent plenty of tips, but no syringe to put the tips on!!! Luckily I was able to use the syringes that are for the PIO later in the cycle. I also was calculating the amount of meds I'm taking, and YIKES, I only have enough Repronex to last until MONDAY!!! I will have to get on the phone ASAP and try to get more of that sent to me!!!

But nevertheless I took the meds, and now I just have to wait until Monday for my next ultrasound and blood work. If all goes as planned we may be looking at a ER (Egg Retrieval) on 9/15 with a three day transfer to follow.

I just can't believe this is it.

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