Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Down to 2!

Well as of last night, the RE officially dropped the Repronex shot from my repertoire of medicines. So only two shots a day now! She also dropped my Follistim from 150 iu down to 75iu. At first I thought it was because I was stimming too fast. Now I'm starting to wonder if it was all because of my E2 levels rising too quickly, for I think I'm really starting to feel the E2 in my system now. To be honest, I have really felt like crud all day today and it has shown in just about everything I've had my hands in today... and I'm afraid it's just going to get worse, as I fear this is the onset of OHSS. The RE's office doesn't give me my E2 numbers, but at my appt tomorrow I'm going to ask for them.

Let's cross our fingers and toes and pray that this results in a BFP and not OHSS!!!

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SMK said...

Hey! Congrats on going down to 2!!

That means you are one step closer to the finish line!

As for the OHSS I am suffering from it now as well.. drink lots of gatorade... it helps. I didn't understand it either.. but it really does help. I was given a sheet today about what to watch for etc cause my e2 went up to 7900yesterday and they never called me today to tell me how high it went so I guess not leaps and bounds. Honestly drink at least 1L of gatorade a day and it will help. I was feeling so crappy all I woudl do was sleep and lay around but since I started drinking it I am much more active and in less pain.... yes a little bloated but I can survive since ER will be this weekend and you trigger 2 days before hand... Take care and rest up. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to chat.