Sunday, September 14, 2008

...kissing ovaries...

Yesterdays ultrasound again revealed about 50-60 follies and about 20 that 'could' be mature by tomorrows retrieval. There were several that were already mature, but I fear they will be too mature by retrieval. It was really hard to tell from the screen what was what in there. Even the tech had a hard time, and honestly she's good at keeping them seperated. My ovaries are so swollen that they are now kissing each other and are squished up where they meet. They are also pushed up against my spine. (ugh). I did the HCG shot last night and I'm to be there at 7:30 in the a.m. for retrieval. They will put me completely under, move my ovaries off of my spine by using external pressure and the ultrasound probe, then they will do a mock transfer, sketch out the directions of my cervix and finally retrieve the eggs. The whole thing is supposed to take an hour. Dh will not be allowed in the room until I'm out of recovery, which stinks, but I guess they have to do what they have to do. I'm guessing he'll be doing his part while I'm under, but no word on that really. I also start the Medrol, the doxycycline, the Estradial pills, vaginal prometrium AND the progesterone in oil shots tomorrow! YIKES! My ovaries today are extremely painful, and my back hurts like it never has. I can't seem to get comfortable in any position I lay in. The nurses said it's a lot like what back labor feels like in the beginning... ugh. Anyhow I'm extremely nervous about tomorrow, and the anesthesia, and the retrieval, the fertilization report, all the meds.... EVERYTHING! Transfer will then be on Thursday following a 30 minute massage (that will be nice) and then I have a 24hr flat on back bed rest afterwards. Beta is scheduled for Oct 2nd.

Pray for me girls!

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Leila Daniel said...

hi, i found ur blog frm google. i'v been diagnosed with kissing ovaries n had removed 2 cycst both sides of my ovaries early dec last year...menstrual is still a painful monthly experience...sometimes i give up of having painless dr seems to b relax with my symptoms, he just said the endometriosis r probabbly thick thus the pain. am still not pregnant r u doing?