Friday, August 29, 2008

The Lord has it all under control!

Surgery yesterday was fine! Great even. I am here at work this morning and I can't even tell that I had anything done yesterday! Other than the huge bruise from the I.V. and the sore throat from the breathing tube...

So yesterday I got a Hysteroscopy, a Polypectomy, and a D&C. A lot of big words for basically saying they dilated my cervix, stuck a camera up there and removed the two polyps they found Tuesday. The Doc didn't see anything else out of the ordinary, gave my a quick scrape to get some fresh blood in there and I was out of surgery in about 30 minutes! Another 30 in recovery and I was on my way home.

I haven't had much bleeding, just some spotting really and that's about stopped now too. I haven't even had to take a pain pill, although, believe me I had them filled - just in case ;)

So as far as all the bad news goes, I hope this was it! I am still on the schedule for September and my baseline appointment to see if we can continue is next Thursday. So until then we just wait a little more.

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