Monday, September 8, 2008

Grow Follies Grow

So I'm up to three shots a day now and I don't even let them phase me. Yes, sometimes they hurt or bleed, but I can't let that stand in my way now!!! The shots are hard, but the IVF diet is the hardest! No carbs, no sugar, no sugar substitute, no dairy, no cold foods... They could have basically said ONLY EAT HORMONE FREE MEAT... ugh. Even a meat and potatoes girl needs a good roll on the side.

As for appointments, I had my first E2 check and ultrasound after four days of stims and I already have 19 follies that measure somewhere between 9mm and 12mm. There were even more that were smaller and probably won't catch up! At this rate however, we are definitely looking at an early retrieval - possibly even on Friday!!! YIKES! I can't believe we are so close! I'll know more tonight when I get the results and the new dosage for the meds. If not, I'm sure I'll find out at Wednesday mornings appointment.

and yes - I feel like I'm carrying grapefruits where my ovaries ought to be!!!

I never posted this picture so I thought I'd share my meds table. This is a picture I took as I unpacked my meds when they came from the pharmacy. Keep in mind this is only the first round, not including any refills that will be sent later!!!

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