Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So okay - I had a total breakdown in the RE's office today - I MEAN TOTAL! I was just so overwhelmed I couldn't talk, I couldn't breath, all I could do was just cry. So the multitude of follicles that have been brewing in my now sore and gigantic ovaries have increased again. From the last scan, there were seven potential follicles that could come up and mature, and today there were ten. I was so sure that they were going to cancel this cycle. I mean I was already walking out the door knowing that when we got that call the cycle would be a bust! But you know God works in mysterious ways and while we were on the way home the phone rang. It was Lynn at Dr. Robins. I wasn't quite sure I was hearing her right, because she does have a hard accent, but did she just say take the trigger tonight?!? WHAT? I have ten potential follies and they want me to trigger tonight! I really don't know what to think. I had one follie that was 16mm, and two that were 15mm. The others were a bit smaller, but plenty large to be a possibility. So following the Drs. orders DH will get to stick that big old needle right in my ass tonight. Yeah he's looking forward to that! Then it's going to be like a porn house around here for the next few days. I'm due for a blood test on the 23rd, but we all know I won't be able to wait that long! ;)

Everybody cross your toes and fingers and say a little prayer!

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