Friday, July 11, 2008

A little discomfort (modified email to a great friend)

How am I feeling? Honestly a little miserable. I’ve been in right much discomfort and I think it’s because everything is so swollen. My ovaries are huge, my cervix is sore, my belly is bruised, my tush is tender...Doing the deed is even difficult because of all the pain. If I never knew where my ovaries were before, I do now! I don't mean to sound whiny or ungrateful, but this is just the hard honest truth. Hopefully tomorrow will be better since I should O this morning. (9:00am was the 36hr mark). When I go home for lunch today, DH better watch out 'cause here I come! One last shot of getting those swimmers up there to finish the job! I start yucky prometrium suppositories in the woo-ha on Sunday, which is also new for me and I’m not looking forward to it! I don't think DH is either. He's not going to want to venture into that place with those hormones all a lurk!!!

I took another P-test this morning and the lines were much darker than yesterdays so I’m confident now the shot went into the right place and so is my butt check!!! (Still leaning to the left). I’ll keep testing till I see the test line go away and then I’ll know for sure if it comes back. I keep telling myself that, but we all know if I do get a bfp I'll be it real? is it leftovers? oh no! What do I do???

Last night I was nauseated and hot, but I think it’s my nerves along with all the hormones and stress and everything else it could possibly be. This is going to be the longest 2ww I’ve ever had, and I’m a little scared because DH is so on board now, and it’s the greatest feeling seeing him so excited and doing things for me, and not letting me do things… The other night he wouldn't even let me get out of bed after we DTD! He wanted to make sure I didn't loose any! LOL! It melts my heart a little and scares me that he will be crushed if this doesn’t happen for us. I don’t know what has happened in his life to change his point of view, but he has definitely turned a new leaf and I love it! We have already decided that we will do IVF in September if this doesn’t work, so at least we have a backup plan.

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