Friday, July 25, 2008

Do or Die

So it's been done. In an hour or so I should get a call from Kelly, or Robin, or somebody else from the New Hope Center. As I watched that dark wet blood fill the vial this morning I couldn't help but feel just a little nostalgic about the whole thing. Has it really been five years? Yes, I suppose it has. So this is it for us? No, but it feels like it might as well be. We still hope to pursue IVF this fall if this test comes back negative - and I'm pretty sure that it will. All of the symptoms I've had this 2ww are gone. Even the boob pain. That left me yesterday, and honestly I believe the prometrium suppositories are the ONLY thing that is keeping AF at bay. I've have no cramping, no headaches, nothing, which is normal for my pre-AF. I can just hope that she will be a light one and be over with soon enough. I just hope that I can accept the results of my test with a happy heart, although I'm sure I'll be sad, knowing that God will never give us what we can't handle..

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