Monday, July 7, 2008

okay my mistake - BIG MISTAKE!

EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! So the numbers I posted from the last scan were reasonable right??? Only that I find out on Friday's appointment that I totally misunderstood the tech when she was counting follies! When I went back for my follie scan on Friday I found out I have 43 follies! Yes you read that right, forty three!!! 25 on my right and 18 on my left... AND they upped my dose to 100iu of Follistim!!! One of the Doctors came out to talk to me after the scan and said "Honey that's a lot of eggs" I think they are trying to prepare me for bad news. I.E. they may cancel this cycle. I go back this afternoon for another check and am sure I'll find out more about what they want to do now. They are hoping a few will jump out with this higher dose and take the lead so we won't have to worry about all the little ones. As of Friday they were all over the place ranging from 3-11mm. I think the higher dose of Follistim is doing something though. I am very aware of my left ovary and all the twinges and pains that I don't usually feel. Left ovary is good though, being my right tube is questionable! Wish me luck this afternoon!

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