Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is this the beginning?

I just want to say that I am about 4DPO today and I am bloated beyond belief! I had to wear a skirt today with an elastic waistband because I can't get ANY of my work pants on! I wear a size 12 usually, a size 10 on a really good day and today, forget the 12's even the 14's, my size 16's wouldn't even fit!!! (granted they are a little small for 16's!) Yesterday the only pair of shorts I could get on were 16's! I'm going to be in maternity clothes before I even get a bfp! LOL! Luckily I have a few skirts like the one I wore today! whew! (wipes forehead!) I sure hope it's all for a good reason (the bfp to come) and not something else major that I'm missing because I'm expecting these type of side effects...I'm also peeing every hour on the hour now during the day and getting up once during the night or early morning, I'm irritable, my bbs are extremely sore, I'm still gassy, food tastes different, I have constant reflux (living off tums) can't chew gum or brush teeth without gagging and the headaches just won't go away... Can all of this be from the trigger shot? I know they all are symptoms caused by the HCG, but I would have thought they would be getting better since the tests show it's almost out of my system - I didn't expect it to get worse. I wonder...could this be the beginning???

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