Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Day at the Doctor

Well, just like it says, today was just another day at the Dr's. Office. I was supposed to go in for a post coital and ultrasound today. Turns out I've already ovulated according to the ultrasound! and they didn't do the post coital because there was no need! The high E2 level they were worried about turned out to be lower and within normal limits when they retested. However my LSH and LH levels were reversed, and now they're thinking PCOS. They want to put me on Metformin after more bloodwork. The cyst they found at last check is gone, and a new corpus luteum was there. I just can't figure out how or when I ovulated! I'm only CD 11 today, and I have never ovulated like this...(I mean in a timely manner). Not to mention I never had any ovulation signs. I'm starting to wonder if the cyst they found today is just active still from the last cycle. Nevertheless they took a lot more blood to test for liver function, E2, progesterone and a whole metabolic panel to make sure I can handle the medication they want to put me on. Even with all of this in the back of my head, I can't help but think if I did ovulate.... I could be pregnant right now...

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