Monday, November 12, 2007

Finally got the test results!

Whew! Who knew that it would take a full week to get my test results back! I was expecting them a lot sooner! Anyhow, while I was home at lunch today, Nurse Robin (different from Dr. Robin) called with the results. Turns out the boys are swimming fine! I never once doubted the trouble was with them though! On the other hand, not such good news for me. It turns out that the blood work showed I DID ovulate before the HSG, probably on CD 8. This was four full days before the ultrasound and HSG. The bad news to this is, any egg at all, whether fertilized or not, was more than likely washed out of the tubes by the HSG dye. If it did happen to stay and be fertilized, the x-rays probably killed it, or severely damaged the cells. So this cycle was a bust! I'm just tickled that I actually ovulated without any induction treatments (that's a rarity!) The other not so good news is I have some sort of bacterial infection that can be passed back and forth between partners, and it's presence can really affect pregnancy. So we'll both be on antibiotics for awhile.
So what's next? More blood work this Wednesday (progesterone test) and an endometrial biopsy this Friday. If I've figured up my days right, ol' AF will probably be here Thursday, so I don't know if the biopsy will be canceled or not.

On the good news side; tubes are clear, the cyst on my right ovary is gone, and the cyst on my left ovary is more than likely the corpus luteum from ovulating, and there's nothing else to really dwell on!

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