Thursday, November 8, 2007

So good

Well after Monday's appointment at The New Hope Center I've got a more positive outlook on the situation. I'm still waiting for them to call with the final results, since I have yet to meet with Dr. Robin. Upon first arriving they preformed the HSG, which by far did not go down without a hitch. Of course this is my second HSG, so I made sure to tell them all about the problems the Doctor had doing the first one, and sure enough they ran into the same thing. Evidentally I have a retroverted uterus. Basically it means the passage from my cervix takes a very hard turn and it made it very difficult to put the catheter in. (not to mention painful), but after some pushing, wiggling, and threatening with weird looking gadgets, we finally pushed through and were able to do the test. Guess what? BOTH tubes appeared to be OPEN!!! There are some other things going on with my tubes that I have to find more info about, but for the most part, they seem clear. Then was the sperm analysis, which I won't go into any detail about. The ultrasound followed that. I'll write more later when I find out more.

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