Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I've now officially tried the 'just relax' and it will happen theory. Yeah right. Well whether it happened or not, I did just return from a great vacation. Of course AF tried to ruin even that for me, showing up the day we're supposed to leave!!! But that's just expected I suppose! Luckily she was in and out in a hurry and didn't ruin the whole trip.

When we got home I was a little worried because both my cell phone and my house phone were filled with messages from caremark, asking me to return their calls. Caremark is a part of my insurance company that handles the prescriptions, so I called them back yesterday to see what was so urgent that they left three messages a day to get me. Well it turns out that Dr. Robin
(my RE) decided to go ahead and call in the prescription for the injectables and caremark just wanted to let me know they're ready to be shipped whenever I want them. I don't know exactly how much the trigger shot is, but the follistim she said was $900 a pen. ouch! However, she then proceeded to tell me that part of the medication IS covered under my plan and I will only have to pay a $5 co-pay for the trigger shot, and a $30 co-pay for the follistim pen! I asked her to double check that again, because I was under the impression that those meds were NOT covered! So as you can imagine I was nearly jumping for joy over the news. HOWEVER it does comes with limitations. The plan only covers $5,000 lifetime max, so that's only a couple of months worth..., especially if I need two pens a month! Agh! Now I just have to talk all of this over with my DH and figure out how were going to handle the news!

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