Thursday, April 17, 2008

Healing rain

I love the rain; Gray skies, thunderclouds just miserable rain! Who I am kidding, who really likes rain? We appreciate rain and the benefits it brings to us, but I think I can speak for many that we would be perfectly okay with 75 degree sunny days all the time! (especially if you throw a tropical beach in the mix!). Seriously though, without rain what would we have? Not much.

I suppose it's the same way in our lives. Nobody wants the gray skies and cloudy hearts, but without them how can we really appreciated all the good and greatness we've been given? I must learn to love the bad days with all the good days and thank my Lord for all that He has done for me. Sure, I cry, I want, I wish, and I hurt. Everybody does, and anyone who says that they don't is lying. I just won't believe them. We all suffer it's just how we handle these times that makes us different. We must turn our rain into Healing rain, turn our lemons into lemonade, and as a great friend of mine told me when my father was killed... "we can have chicken salad, or chicken shit - you decide." I'll never forget that, and while I'm not the best 'cook', I know that I will keep working on that chicken salad, standing in my healing rain, because no matter how bad it tastes, it's got to be better than chicken shit!

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