Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, I had all of the blood work redone and I now have a new theory...
Somebody, somewhere, screwed up!

My second beta came back at <1, so I am definitely NOT pregnant. That leaves a very important question out there though... Was I ever pregnant?

From my understanding, there are only a few things that produce HCG in the body. A pregnancy, certain tumors and cysts, and certain cancers. The nurse kinda shook it off like the lab made a mistake with the blood work, but I kinda find that highly unlikely with all the advances in technology and as many times a day as they test for that hormone. Another thought that I read online somewhere is that the test was actually picking up another hormone that is very similar to HCG, called LH. That's possible I suppose, but nevertheless, for a day or two my mind was SPINNING!

First I get the call that I have a positive beta
Then I get the news that the number indicates bad stuff (i.e. miscarriage)
THEN they tell me it was probably a lab mistake


I am relieved it's not cancer (at least I assume not, since the numbers went down).

I'm expecting a call today from the RE's office. They want to schedule a time for me to have a consultation with Dr. Robin. Finally I get to meet her - but it's sorta bittersweet I suppose. After the short few months I've been going to this office, I've come to realize that only the most difficult cases are passed on to Dr. Robin. Usually these are IUI and IVF cases. The bittersweet part is that after some discussion, I don't think we are ready to go that route... So maybe injectables or some other sort of ovulation induction, but I'm ready to do something! I've already started provera to start the new cycle, and we're gonna move this time! I'm looking to have a baby this year!

2008 IS THE DATE!!!

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