Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's been a while now

It's been some time since I've logged onto here to express my feelings. I think I was carried away from the whole TTC scene over the Christmas Holiday, and now I'm just getting back to life...

Well I had another RE appointment this past week. They were supposed to check for any signs of ovulation. They didn't find any signs of ovulation, but instead they found a surprise! This morning the Dr. called and wanted me in asap for more blood work. She got me all curious so I asked her why.... Here's why. I had a positive HCG BETA!!!! The level was only 10 (very very very low), and my progesterone was very low (0.9). BUT a positive beta.... wow. I'll get my blood work done in the morning.

I'm thinking I had a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage last month. but a positive beta.... wow.

as you can tell I'm still in shock.

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