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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No, not that website with all the cool pictures.... a heartbeat.

That's what the good Dr. called it... a strong flicker. I started crying the minute that the ultrasound tech pointed it out. DH saw it first - before she even said anything, and even though I was looking through blurry eyes, I swear he might have teared up too! Baby T. was measuring 6wks 2days and looked good. The gestational sac was still measuring small at 5wks 4days, but as long as it continues to grow there may not be any problems. I was so relieved to see that heartbeat, but one worry just turns into another with this pregnancy... Yesterday morning before my appointment I woke up to more bleeding. Brown at first and reddish orange when I wiped... Of course it had stopped by the time I was seen, but unfortunately why I was bleeding was quite obvious on the ultrasound. I have a subchorionic hematoma. Basically a blood clot. The bad news is that the blood clot is resulting from where the placenta, in a small area, is pulling away from the endometrial wall! After extensive research, I've learned that half of these diagnoses will carry on full term normal pregnancies... and the other half won't. The larger the clot, the greater the chances are for miscarrying . Luckily mine is small right now - approximately a centimeter. Because I have O- blood, and DH is O+, I was given a shot of Rhogam to keep my body from building anitbodies against the babies blood. I will probably get a shot of this every time I bleed, and after delivery as well. For now, my instructions were to come home on complete bed and pelvic rest all week until a checkup appointment on Friday morning. WHAT? How am I supposed to pull off bed rest during Thanksgiving? This is going to take some will power and some compromise...

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