Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A little bit of History

Apologizes for the length of yesterdays post. I wanted to really jump out there with how I felt, and yesterday was rather a blah day. Today I thought I'd share a little bit of my infertility history. Of course it's been four years since we first starting trying to get pregnant. I knew right off the bat I would more than likely have problems. I've never had normal cycles. I might get three to five periods on my own every year, and most likely they weren't ovulatory cycles. Even before we were married, I started seeking help from my normal gyn. He didn't even see me but a couple of times before referring me to another doctor in that office who 'specialized' in infertility. I say that word specialized loosely, because after four years, I honestly don't believe he has any clue in my situation. To start off he ran a series of blood tests, thyroid, hormones, sugar, and other stuff. Following that I did many rounds of Clomid, in which I did ovulate, was monitored in one cycle with ultrasound and given the HCG shot, but never did get pregnant. After a while he preformed an Hystereosalpingagram (HSG) that showed total blockage in one tube, and some major blockage in the other. I immediately followed that with laparoscopy surgery to correct the tubes. During the surgery they could not find any blockages, and noted that everything looked good. There was no endometriosis, no fibroids, no scar tissue, and no cysts on my ovaries. A few more rounds of Clomid and then I switched jobs. I had to back off treatments, because I hadn't accumulated enough time to take off work, but after a year or so I started pursuing treatment again. Another few rounds of Clomid, and upon an ultra sound my doctor found a pretty large cyst on my right ovary. We gave it some time and decided on a new treatment; one unsuccessful round of Femara, and after a lot of discussion with my husband we're switching doctors! My husband thinks this Doctor is a quack! And as of last Friday, I am now seeing a specialist at The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine. Even on my consultation visit, they did blood labs, I have done my day three blood labs and this coming Monday I am supposed to have a pelvic anatomy scan, an ultrasound, another HSG and my husband will do a sperm analysis. So far I really like this place! Maybe there is hope for me yet!

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