Thursday, June 26, 2008


Look at that thing! She's a beauty right!

This month has been one of the most stressful months on the TTC front. We both know this is our last chance of conceiving the 'Natural Way' before moving on to bigger and better medications. It's a little heartbreaking to think of it that way... However natural it may have been, we still tried things a little different this month, using pre-seed and Instead cups. I've heard it worked wonders for others so I thought what the heck! It's just another shenanigan I've added to the list of gimmicks and tricks. We also took a 'relaxing' mini vacation to the beach (right when I was supposed to O!!!)... I say relaxing but I don't think I did that at all! It was good to get away, but relaxing isn't the word I would use....

However doubtful I may be, this morning when I woke up I couldn't help but be a little excited to see that high temp. Even though I know I didn't sleep well and I know deep down that's probably why it jumped. This weekend should tell the tale. Say a prayer that the line turns green and stays that way!

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