Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Consultation with Dr. Robin

I just wanted to say that the consultation with Dr. Robin went very well yesterday. She has prepared papers for us that showed exactly what was tested, what the results showed and what that means. She went over every thing and answered all my questions about my medication and labs. There was a lot of talk of IUI and IVF with the option of doing Ovulation Induction using injectables without doing an IUI. Since I don't have any insurance coverage on these procedures we first have to find funding (they have several banks they work with for personal loans) and then we have to actually pre-pick the month we want to try for. Basically if I understand this correctly, Once we do that, I'll be put on provera and BC until I have AF and then I start the injectables. DH is really riding the fence about all of this. He wants a child very badly but he doesn't believe it's right to be so aggressive with trying to have a baby. He said it kinda takes the miracle out of it. He is willing to do injectables at this point but unsure of the IUI and IVF. We are both trying to cope with how this fits in our beliefs and where we will go from here.

I did find out from my RE that she doesn't consider me PCOS, but PCO -basically I don't have the 'syndrome' but show many of the signs of the disease? I guess it's because my androgens and hormones all were normal, my sugars were normal and I'm not IR. However she said she was going to keep me on the Metformin because in her experience it dramatically decreases m/c rates in the first trimester and helps prevent Gestational Diabetes. She also said I would be treated in the same manner as someone with PCOS, but probablly a lesser dose of medication will be needed when it comes to more treatments.

I also asked about the positive beta. She thought it more likely to be a biochemical pregnancy or ectopic that took care of itself. She also indicated my p4 levels after ovulation were very low and my lining has been thin. My lining was at 5.4 last check and she has only had 1 pregnancy achieved on a 6.0 or less. She likes the number between 9 and 20. If we do IVF, prometrium suppositories and shots (every other day) are protocol for her. I believe this woman can really get me pregnant... now we just have to come to terms with our faith and beliefs and do what is right for us.

I'm going to post my exact numbers from my tests later on and explain what they mean like she did to me.

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Rachel said...

I just wanted to leave alittle note. I have alot of faith in the doctors, just like you. Fortunately or unfortunately...however you look at it...doctors can't get a person pregnant nor can they make a m/c even less...it's all in God's hands. Remember to honor him by having your faith and beliefs stored in Him. He will not let you down. I'm praying for you.
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